Creating a Healing Space to Enhance Mind, Body and Spiritual Health.


We All Need Healing

If you’ve read the ‘Evolution of Hue’ then you know I started Home Healing Hues after my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was inspired to help other cancer patients with their recovery process by creating a healing space that supports their journey.

However, I’ve come to realize that there are so many other people who would benefit from my services. Are you someone;

  • Who has suffered a personal loss, and is, in turn, struggling with hoarding habits?
  • Who has commuted through their entire career and comes home drained and to an old home full of stuff that no longer reflects who they are?
  • Who has suffered a divorce and needs to reconnect with the person who exists beyond that relationship?

These are just a few reasons why I believe we all need healing in our lives.

Your home is your physical space, and I want to help improve your health and well-being, help you heal emotionally and mentally by doing daily practices, creating healing spaces with colour and environmentally friendly design ideas that promote a healthier life for you.


Before decorating

As a Wellness Decorator, before I begin the process of creating a Healing Space, I make sure you are in the right mindset to be ready for my services.

  • The initial phone interview and the following conversations whether through e-mail or in person are helpful in getting a sense of the emotional and mental needs behind your future design.
  • What helps me with the design process is when you write about your story and why you need that Healing Space.
  • Before choosing healing hues and decorating, the first step in your healing process is to declutter and organize your life.

Depending on what challenges you face, I might also recommend reiki, meditation, and journaling, encouraging you to take time each day for emotional healing.

I have received education on ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and offer Autism-Friendly Design Ideas to create calming spaces.

Choosing your Healing Hue/Hues

Once the decluttering and organizing is finished the next important part of your healing process is choosing colours.

Often people ask if I choose colours for them and the answer is, NO. I help guide you to find the hue that resonates with you by discussing what colours you like and showing you colour charts that I have with the meanings of the colours.

People don’t realize how powerful colour is until I explain it to them. Colour plays with our feelings and emotions. In short, it defines who we are.


I am the ‘Wellness Decorator’ and the founder, visionary and guiding spirit behind Home Healing Hues which is not your traditional Interior Decorating company.  

 I have been an Interior Decorator and Hunter Douglas Design Consultant with Decorview Canada in the Durham Region, Kawartha Lakes and the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario for many years and am happy to say; I LOVE both jobs.  

 When I launched Home Healing Hues in 2017, I became, ‘A NEW ME.’  I got past a lot of FEARS and moved forward by having COURAGE and CONFIDENCE.  My biggest fear was speaking in public, and I did this not only for myself but because I am PASSIONATE about my new decorating business. 

 I VALUE what I do and BELIEVE I will help a lot of people while on their healing journey. I would love to help you create YOUR healing space.


Home Healing Hues is looking for Tradesmen and Contractors who are insured, bonded and have references from the Greater Toronto and Kawartha area. If you share our passion for improving the lives of our clients and would like to work with us, send an email to

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