Creating a Healing Space to Enhance Mind, Body and Spiritual Health.


I offer a range of services that are customized to fit your time and budget. Below is a combination of services that can make up your personalized design package. I work with multiple tradespeople that are insured and bonded.

Brush Up -You do most of the work yourself: the decluttering, organizing, painting, etc. and I do the Colour Consultation and Furniture and Accessory Placement reusing what you own or new furniture you purchased.

Do Over -You want to use my contractors to paint, do flooring, trim, lighting, flooring, etc. and I help you declutter and organize your space, do Colour Consultations, shop for new furniture, flooring, lighting, art, etc. and do the furniture and accessory placement.

Reno Overhaul-You choose to go for the do-over package, plus a complete design and renovation using my contractors.


Organize and declutter the space, reuse existing furniture and refresh with colour and accessories.


Introduce colour, new furniture, accessories, flooring, lighting and artwork to create an enhanced living space.


Complete design and renovation with new floor plans, colours, and furniture for an entire transformation.


After you get in touch with me;

  1. I set up an initial 15-minute consultation via phone or email to discuss your decorating/design project and budget to determine what package is best for you.
  2. I will then ask you to email me your story, why you want a healing space and which room(s) you want to do.
  3. I call you to discuss the proposed design, and if it meets with your approval, we will set up a time to meet at your home.
  4. I go over to your place, go room by room and discuss your project in more depth.
  5. Afterward, I send you a list of everything we talked about, the colours you chose and my ideas.
  6. I then get my contractors to come in and finish the design project.

Colour Consultation

  • $100/hour for Durham Region
  • $150/hour for the Toronto Region and Kawartha Lakes

Design Consultation

  • $150/hour for  Durham Region
  • $200/hour for the Toronto Region and Kawartha Lakes

To find the Hue that resonates with you…

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