When I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness my soul intuitively knew that things needed to change in my life.  One of the things I realized was that I would need a healing space in my home if I wanted to continue to exist on this planet.  Luckily I knew Ann, whom I call my home decorator extraordinaire!  With her expert knowledge and intuitive sense she assisted me in selecting healing colours that comforted and inspired me throughout my cancer treatments and healing journey.  We transformed my family room, bedroom and even created a personal healing room just for me where I could meditate, practice yoga and learn to be at ease.  She has been an inspiration, knowing just what was needed to support me, to boost my spirits and to empower me.  I count my blessing every day that she was there as my guide and I am reminded of the beauty of life each time I step into one of my sanctuaries of healing in my home.  She helped me discover the importance of beauty and colour in our lives and the need for self-nurturance.  Ann won’t just transform your space; she will touch your soul, which is her gift.

– Greta