Spring is fast approaching! It’s time to rouse ourselves from hibernation and get rid of winter’s negative energy. Clean, refresh and update your home to bring in the positive energy of Spring!

First it’s Time to Clean!

Dust surfaces, mop floors, clean those places that you use every day but never think to clean- like the inside of your fridge, or the cobwebs and dust off your baseboards? Set the ‘cleaning mood’ by turning on your favourite music, diffusing your favourite essential oils and cracking open a window to let in the fresh air– you’ll be finished before you know it.

As for cleaning supplies, most of what you need can be made with vinegar, baking soda, salt, borax, and maybe some lemons and essential oils. Check out https://wellnessmama.com/6244/natural-cleaning/ for a whole list of recipes for cleaning windows, greasy stoves, mopping floors and more. If you really don’t have the time to make your own cleaning solutions, be sure to use non-toxic products. There are a lot of companies out there with products that are non-toxic and biodegradable: Clorox Green Works, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, The Honest Company and Thieves Household Cleaner are a few options you can find at most grocery stores.

Next up, Declutter!

How can you create your healing space when you can’t see your space for the clutter? Spaces are meant to be lived in, not to fill up with things. If you have trouble minimizing your belongings enlist the help of a family member or friend. It will make the process less overwhelming and more fun, plus they might know someone who needs that extra coffee table you never use or a local library that would appreciate those books stacked on a shelf that have already been read. Tackle one room at a time, and take time after each room to recognize your accomplishment! Donate what you can, recycle things you don’t think anyone could use, and put the rest to the curb.

Introduce Greenery

Plants purify the air, help relieve stress and promote wellbeing. Orchids are a favourite, with long lasting blooms and uplifting fragrances. Peace lilies are great air-purifiers and as a bonus these plants grow well in darker environments if you don’t have access to a lot of natural light.

Rosemary, sage, basil and- come to think of it- most kitchen herbs have uplifting scents and countless health benefits when you add them to your cooking. Pick them up at your local garden centre and grocery stores and start your own indoor kitchen garden.

Go for a walk and trim a few branches of pussy willow or forsythia to display in a vase inside. These plants are getting ready to burst into a showy display of fluffy pods and yellow blossoms for Spring (the colour yellow is energizing and welcoming!) The warmer temperature indoors means that even if Mother Nature brings one of her last minute snow storms you’ll be reminded that the storms are soon to end and the world about to revive!

Get Outside

On that first warm day when the sun is shining and a fresh breeze is blowing get outside!  You’ve been indoors all winter long- go get your Vitamin D! Rake the grass, trim back old foliage, sweep winter salt and sand from your steps and walkways. Pick up a pot of pansies from a garden centre or buy an inexpensive 12-pack and plant them directly in your garden. Pansies are frost-tolerant and will give your entryway a cheerful boost of colour before the rest of the green wakes up. Be sure to pinch back older blossoms to extend the length of time they are in bloom!

And Finally… Paint and Decorate!

Your house is now clean, you’ve made space after recycling and donating things you don’t need and your home is smelling fresh with purifying plants. Does it still feel like it needs a bit more? Perhaps a new coat of paint and a few carefully selected accessories will do the trick for your space to feel refreshed. For a quick and inexpensive fix paint your walls in a colour that’s a shade brighter than what is already on your walls. That way your existing furnishings and accessories will still match, but the space will feel bigger and brighter, a definite mood booster. After you finish painting take the opportunity to re-arrange the furniture. It tricks your mind into feeling like the space is new, and you might come up with an arrangement that is more liveable. Add in a complementary pop of colour with cushions, throws, artwork or a rug.

Do you Want More?

If you’re reading this and feel intimidated instead of motivated at the prospect of Spring Cleaning, don’t panic. We’re in the business of revitalizing spaces. We can help you declutter, take a step back, and update your space using existing pieces mixed with the new. Or if Spring Cleaning to you means a whole overhaul of your space, we do that too. Contact us for a consultation and see if our services are right for you.