Updating your bathroom can breathe new life into one of the most important rooms of your home, but not everyone has the time, expertise or budget to do a full renovation.

If your tub and tiles are in good shape, you’re in a great position to refresh your bathroom with little effort.  If you’ll be keeping your tub, toilet and sink in the same place and won’t be changing any wiring you’re in an excellent position to make a big difference will little expense since you won’t need any permits.  

Here are my best (and simple) tips to help you fall in love with your bathroom all over again:


Updating your light fixtures can transform the look and feel of your bathroom – and there are SO many gorgeous options to choose from.  Using existing electrical wiring and following package instructions carefully should allow you to change them yourself, but always be mindful of local codes and bylaws – and remember – Electricity and Water don’t mix!  AND – electricity kills – so be sure to carefully follow ALL safety protocols.


This is another perfectly customizable accessorizing opportunity where you can find something beautiful to amp up the WOW factor in your bathroom.  With so many beautiful options to choose from – just changing your mirrors can make you feel like a glamour queen and love your new bathroom sanctuary.


Rip out that outdated, tired-looking sink and replace it with a sparkling, fresh new one with a beautiful new faucet and you’ll instantly upgrade your bathroom vanity look and feel like a movie star.  Add some floating shelves to showcase your stunning shell, semi-precious stones or candle holder collection.  If you’re short on space, install a cabinet above the toilet to decrease clutter and increase the aesthetic appeal.


Replace your existing toiled with a new low-flow or dual-flush toilet to save on water consumption enjoy your new throne.  Taller options are easier to use (your joints will notice the 2 inch difference) and if it’s just a simple switch out with no plumbing alteration, you may even want to take this project on yourself.    


A simple swap of the hardware in your washroom to upgraded versions can add a touch of class and luxury.  Consider updating your hardware or adding new towel racks or hooks.  You can find gorgeous all kinds of gorgeous options and they’re easy to switch out yourself. 


Adding a new piece of art, changing and upgrading your shower curtain and it’s hooks to something beautiful and decorative can make a big difference.  Updating the room with a new colour or two is a cost-effective way to achieve the feeling you want in your home spa (I mean bathroom).  Some greenery can add texture and interest too.  Ferns do well in a bathroom and depending on the natural light levels, you can find potted plant and flower options even if you lack a green thumb.  Add in some luxurious, coordinated towels, a plush rug in front of that new toilet or a bathmat to greet your feet when you finish your steamy shower or soak and you’ll love your new sanctuary space. 


Scrape, remove and replace old, broken or missing caulking and grout with a new application and you’ll have a sparkling new bathroom.  Ensure the surface is clean before reapplying and use mold and mildew resistant materials. This little change makes a massive difference.

Remember to always do your homework before taking on a new renovation or updating project.  Watch videos and learn as much as you can before you begin. 

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Invest in some basic tools – and add to your toolbox until it includes what you need to maintain your home.  Home maintenance contributes to the resale value.
  2. Have proper safety gear – eye protection, ear protection, a helmet if necessary, work gloves, steel-toed shoes and knee pads, a drop cloth for painting. Never leave your personal safety to chance and always protect your home from damage.  Accidents do happen, so be cautious.
  3. Plan early – consider the season.  For example – don’t wait until August to replace your AC unit.  You may be waiting for weeks, or even months for the make and model you want – and August is not the best time of the year to be without AC.
  4. If you think the project (or part of it) is over your head, get support.  Call in a professional.
  5. Consider design.  What you want to do may not be achievable.  If remodeling or relocation of important elements is involved, ask for the best suggestions your contractor can provide – especially with plumbing or electrical.
  6. Have a clear understanding of your project.  Understand what a contractor can do and will do – and what they won’t do.
  7. Ask about timelines too – you may be surprised at how long special orders actually do take.
  8. Include extra ‘buffer’ time in your time budget for involved projects – unexpected delays always crop up once larger projects get underway
  9. Add even extra time if your project requires any permits
  10. Opt for the best solution – not necessarily the least expensive.  Renovations often contribute to the resale value of your home.

Most important of all:  Have fun!   

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About The Author

Ann Powell is a Certified Interior Decorator, Hunter Douglas Design Consultant with Decorview Canada.  She’s also the Founder of Home Healing Hues and Everything Home.  Ann is deeply passionate about creating living spaces that are sanctuary, healing spaces for her clients and those recovering from serious illness. She specializes in decorating and decluttering homes as well as staging them for the quickest sale and maximum profit. 

In her spare time, Ann curates a free online community. ‘Homes With Heart’ is specifically designed for homeowners and those aspiring to own a home. Members share tips, strategies and solutions in a fun and informative virtual space. If you’d like to join her community, send a private message to ann@homehealinghues.com

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