Bliss is my thing.

And if you’re a homeowner, you’ll find your jam too.  Is it ‘cozy and comfy’?  Elegant? Eclectic?

You can’t expect to move into a house, condo, cottage or apartment and for it to feel like ‘home.’  You’ll have to MAKE it feel like home.

But where do you start with that?

Everything you need to make your home décor ideas come to life can be pulled together with the addition of your ‘things’.  Your sofa and furniture, your textiles, the colours you choose to evoke the mood you want in each room, the art on the walls, your pictures on the mantle. 

Here are my best and most cost-effective tips to make your home the place where your heart lives:

Create Atmosphere With Colour

Ban the builders’ beige and the stark white Art Gallery walls.  Whether it’s tranquil and relaxed or passionate and provocative, you can create mood with paint.  And to get a whole new vibe in a room isn’t expensive to pull off with just a change of colour.

Pale surfaces reflect light and brighten up a room instantly.  And why stop at the walls?  Add colour to your ceilings, mouldings, floors and even to your wood furniture if you want to get creative. 

If you feel like you must stick with the stark white walls and ceilings, add pops of colour with your accessories, décor, rugs and drapery. 

KISS – Keep It Super Simple

Houses are designed to be your hangout.  If there are any rules to follow with décor here are some to apply: 

  • Light trumps dark
  • Fun trumps formality
  • Nature is the very best card in the deck

Choose colours from nature and banish the barriers between inside and outside by adding plenty of plants and showcasing any gorgeous views from your windows.

Be Distinctly Undecorated (at first)

Embrace slow decorating and take extra time to get a good feel for the space and then, take extra care in creating each sanctuary space in your home. 

Keep your spaces decluttered by decorating with only what you absolutely LOVE.

What brings you joy? 

Add art and pictures only when you know they add to the space and the mood you’re going for.  Invest in rugs that cushion your toes, or in colours or patterns that inspire you or make you happy.  They will ground you (pardon the pun) as well as your beautiful space.

Declutter.  And Then, Declutter Some More

Corral your stuff.  Your home is a living space, not a storage space. 

Make the most of your space by using your shelves and walls for showcasing your personal life – mementos from your travels, your shell or semi-precious stone collection, candles and pictures. Invest in multi-purpose furniture – storage is awesome.

Decluttering will make your space feel larger, less noisy and more spacious. 

Add Layers

Make your home comfy and cozy by adding to each room in layers. 

Shop for the area rug and the big furniture pieces first.  Then, add in your decorative pillows, throws, curtains.  For colour cohesiveness and interest, add in your artwork next.  Finally, the personal touch – add in your pictures.  

Light Up Your Life

Candles, light fixtures, natural light – they all create a feeling in your space. 

What atmosphere do you want to create?

Candles are a positive way to create ambiance and will effectively make your room feel cozier and inviting.  They can also have the added bonus of soothing or enticing with aromatherapy and make a nice addition to any holiday table too.

Make Your Backyard Your Sanctuary

We all need a place to retreat to.  No need to take a vacation or book a lake-house on the water if your backyard is designed to be your blissful space. 

Add twinkle lights, comfortable loungers or conversational sectionals to accommodate family.  Add pillows and even blankets for chilly evenings around the fire.  There are so many options to choose from and you can create a magical space that’ll fill your heart with happiness.

Your Home Tells A Story

Gallery Walls.  Mantle Spaces. Foyer Walls. Shelving Units. Tell your family story in these spaces or showcase your travel adventures.  Bring home reminders and mementos from your excursions to add to the décor of your home. 

Enlarge and frame up those photos of your hike in the Grand Canyon or Sedona.  Create a shadow box of the treasures you collected on the beach in Sardinia.  Get creative with how you showcase the story of your life. 

Most important of all:  Have fun!  

If you’d like some help with making your home a place where your heart lives, I’d be delighted to chat.  Contact me to schedule your FREE ‘Create Your Sanctuary’ Consultation and we’ll put together an action plan within your budget.

About The Author

Ann Powell is a Certified Interior Decorator and Hunter Douglas Design Consultant with Decorview Canada.  She’s also the Founder of Home Healing Hues and Everything Home.  Ann is deeply passionate about creating living spaces that are sanctuary, healing spaces for her clients and those recovering from serious illness. She specializes in decorating and decluttering homes as well as staging them for the quickest sale and maximum profit. 

In her spare time, Ann curates a free online community. ‘Homes With Heart’ is specifically designed for homeowners and those aspiring to own a home. Members share tips, strategies and solutions in a fun and informative virtual space. If you’d like to join her community, send a private message to

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