If decorating your home is something you enjoy, it’s a whole bunch of fun to decorate for the seasons.  Freshen up your home to welcome the changing seasons and create an atmosphere you love – Warmth in winter, Comfort in Autumn, an Easy Breezy Summer and of course – Spring into Colour.

Transitioning the décor from winter to spring can happen easily just by changing a few key accents to bring out the best of both seasons.

Here are my best decorating tips to help add a little spring to your home décor:

Fresh Colors on Icy Neutrals

One of the best ways to transition from winter into spring is to layer cheerful, uplifting spring colours over icy neutrals: 

  • Add lavender or magenta pillows to white bedding
  • Kelly green napkins to white place settings
  • Blue throw to a neutral grey sofa.
  • Change your planters to vibrant spring colours

Beautiful Blooms

Add some colorful flowers into your décor. Just a few vibrant blooms will make a cheerful difference:

  • A bouquet on the coffee table
  • A vase of lilies on the kitchen counter
  • A pretty planter with springtime florals

Mosses & Branches

Decorative moss and branches are excellent and interesting accents because they can easily be associated with both winter and spring depending on how they’re used. Use branches for a more barren look throughout the winter and then add a little greenery and flowers in your choice of colour as you shift into spring.


Glass accents are perfect for the winter months, but add some color to give them a pretty spring touch. Use tinted glass in the colours you like or fill clear glass vessels and vases with colourful ornaments, pebbles or other filler of your choice to bring more colour into your space.


Metallics are incredibly versatile depending on what you pair them with. They can deliver the icy glamour of winter or be utilized as a vibrant accent, soften with some spring flair. 

For example, glittery silver pillows paired with soft pink or magenta ones.

Need some help transitioning YOUR home from Winter to Spring?  I’d be delighted to chat.  Contact me to schedule your ‘Create Your Sanctuary’ Free Consultation.