Design. Staging. What’s the difference, right?

Home staging and design are often mistaken for the same thing, and admittedly, it can be a bit confusing. Both are excellent opportunities for updating your home but each has a specific intention and purpose. Which you choose will depend entirely on if you’d like to update your home so you can increase your enjoyment of it, or if a move is in your immediate future and you want to increase the return on your investment.

Design – Entirely for the Homeowner

Design and décor of a home is specifically for the people living in it – it’s an important component of what makes your house feel like your home. Design is highly personalized, reflecting the homeowner’s personality – and that’s as it should be since such a good portion of our time is spent in our home.

A Mix of Aesthetics and Functionality

While design and decor account for the overall look and feel of your home, it also has to do with how functional it is and how your home is tailored to your lifestyle.

A young adult couple without children will undoubtedly decorate their home differently than a large family with many children. (Think white rugs and creamy furniture and sharp glass tables).

Design Reflects Taste

Design and home decor is a clear indication of what’s important to the people living in the home. What they love most will be evident throughout.

Design is very much about freedom of expression indicating the homeowners’ preferences for color, texture and style. A home can be redesigned as often as needs and style preferences change as well.

A House Becomes Your Home With Design

Design refers to the decorating of your home for your own enjoyment and happiness. If your style is eclectic, you might choose a funky wallpaper that someone looking to create a beachy feeling wouldn’t go for. That person would opt for a seaside color palette with sand coloured rugs and flooring, maybe some nautical-themed artwork.

There are so many options to customize your home, making design a fun and creative process.

Staging – Purely A Marketing Tool

Unlike Design which is entirely for the Homeowner, decorating your home for the specific purpose of selling it and getting the most for your money is what Home Staging is for.

The primary goal of home staging is to sell the home quickly and for the most money possible when you’re preparing for it to go on the market. Staging your home for sale puts it in the best possible position to appeal to the widest audience possible.

Staging Tips & Decor

When staging your home, neutral and controlled are the feelings you’ll want to create. As much as it may pain you to do this, remove all personal elements from your spaces.

You want your potential buyers to enter your home and visualize it as their own. If your personal touches, your family portraits, your kids’ kindergarten artwork on the fridge remain, these items make your home yours. It won’t make your home theirs.

Potential buyers will have a much more difficult time envisioning the home as their own. It might give them the impression that they’ll have to change a lot or even make a big investment for the house feel like their own. These factors will make it more difficult for them to decide to purchase – effectively hindering the sale.

Neutral decor allows potential buyers to imagine the home in their own decorating style, which will get them excited about purchasing – exactly what you want to achieve when they walk in.

Inspiring Buyer Confidence = More $$$

Home staging often includes some home improvement.

Purchasing a home is often the largest purchase someone will make in their lifetime so with the right home staging, you’re effectively easing their mind with solid decorating choices, effective furniture placement and having all repairs updated and complete.

An expert home staging professional can recommend key improvements to make prior to listing your home for sale so you’ll be able to get the absolute most for your investment as well.

Highlighting Features and Optimizing Spaces

Effectively staging your home showcases the very best it has to offer potential buyers so they’ll focus their attention on the very best features of your house. Home staging maximizes the highlights and strengths of every room and will immediately convey how each space serves a desirable function, showcasing bonus rooms and flexible spaces.

Staging also makes the most efficient use of available space and lighting. A talented home stager knows how to get the most from every room, will take advantage of all natural light and use furniture that brings out the very best in your spaces.

Although home staging and design are two different things, parts of both processes can include changing paint colors, home improvements, or beautifying your home’s curb appeal. Whether you need to update your home to get it ready for the market or just to suit your personal preferences, you’re invited to connect with me for your free Declutter-Colour-Decorate consultation today.