The holiday season is always super stressful. If you’re anything like me, this time of year means hustle, bustle and generally feeling like there’s just not enough time in a day.

If we look at it from a perspective of ‘lightening’ though, I believe the holidays offer a decluttering opportunity that we can all take advantage of.

A few simple light-hearted tasks could help to keep your head above water and make your space a little extra happy this holiday season.

Read on below for a few simple-to-follow, light-hearted tasks (only 3 a week) to help you declutter and make your living spaces a little more festive through the holiday season – and feel lighter and freer every day!

Simply make a list, check it twice…and then check each item OFF as you go.


December 1 – Toss the Old Food

Determine the source of that unsavoury odour and clear out the fridge!  Don’t wait, do it now because more food is on its way with the holidays approaching.

December 2 – Scrutinize the Storage-Ware

Anything that’s missing their lids, half melted from the dishwasher or past their prime and no longer seal well – the time has come to toss or recycle. With the holidays coming, we just don’t have time or space for crappy storage-ware.

December 3 – Lose the Lights

If they don’t work, it’s time for them to go! How about THIS be the year that we stop trying to rig that strand of half-working string lights?  Let it be the year to spring for a working set. You’ll be so thankful next year too!

December 4 – Old Decor

If it hasn’t come out of the box in years, chances are, it’s good to toss. No need to hold onto it for a whole year more, even if it’s Junior’s paper link chain decoration!  No guilt.  If you didn’t use it last year, and you’re not using it this year – it’s time to go!

December 5 – Gift Cards & Rewards.

Hear this advice shouted out into the megaphone: Use your rewards and gift cards now! Dig them out of your wallet or from the bottom of your sock drawer or night-side table. Open up your credit card info and see what’s accumulating. Now is the perfect time to save yourself some money. Use those gifts!

December 6: Old, Tired Socks & Undies

Let this be your official reminder to get rid of old rundown socks and undies. It is time to move the old out and make room for those stocking stuffers!

December 7 – Take Stock of Footwear

Rundown flip-flops and sandals? Don’t store them over the winter just to toss them out next summer!  Winter boots falling apart? It’s time to make room for a new gift idea. Keep your tootsies warm and well-healed.

December 8 – Tackle the Toybox

Got kids?  You likely have too much stuff in that toy-chest.  Don’t got kids?  Tackle your own.  Recycle, toss old games, crafts and art supplies that have been piling up in your cupboards and drawers. Make room for new and improved stuff you’ll find under the tree.

December 9 – Winterwear Wears You Down

This is the perfect time to contribute all those outdated and ill-fitting jackets, sweaters, snow-pants, ski outfits, gloves, scarves, hats and mitts – you know, the ones you’ll never wear again but are in good condition still?  They’ll make someone else very happy and warm.  Psssttt – you can let those go!

December 10 – Boldly go to the Bathroom

The holidays are a great time for self-care kind  of gifts. Make space. Toss anything old, undesirable, with missing lids or cracked containers. Get rid of the used up toothbrushes and hairbrushes too. Give your bathroom cupboards a wipe down while you’re there – germs love to hide inside those places.

December 11 – Lighten the Linens

Old, tattered blankets, towels, facecloths and mismatching bedding will be happily received by your local animal shelter.  They are happy to receive those donations for orphaned pets who don’t care that the pillow cases don’t match the fitted sheets.  Your home smells are most appreciated too!

December 12 – Don’t forget your Fur Baby

Pets get gifts too, right? Half-chewed up or completely cringe-worthy pet toys, blankets, boxes, leashes, brushes or anything else pet-related that smells bad or looks bad has to go.  New toy time for Tiny, is just a few days away.

December 13 – Books, Books, so many Books

What are the chances you’ll actually get around to reading that massive book again? How about those stacks of outdated magazines?  Donate the books to let someone else enjoy them and recycle all that paper.  Just think of how much space you’re creating!

December 14 – The Junk Drawer doesn’t have to be Junky

Follow this simple process: 1. Open your ‘junk’ drawer.  2. Toss the junk.  3. Do a little happy dance – you’ve just de-junked your junk drawer.  Bonus step:  repeat in the kitchen corner and entryway credenza.

December 15 – Free up the Freezer

Have a quick peek into your freezer.  Are there bags of ice you’d planned on packing the cooler with back in July?  Are there super freezer burned leftovers from a decade ago taking up space?  It’s time to remove those and get them to the trash (the ice can go to the garden or water your houseplant slowly as it melts) along with that casserole your aunt brought that you’ll never ever feed your kids.

December 16 – Dining Room Declutter

You may just be entertaining this festive season, so have a look in the one room in your house that barely gets used.  Your dining room sideboard and shelves are likely full of things that don’t need to be there.  Eliminate anything you don’t love and rearrange items in the unit.  Be creative and group similar items together.

December 17 – The Home Office

Papers. Files. Piles and more.  It’s easy to get lost in reams of paper when everything is on the top of the desk because you meant to get to it (shortly) rather than put away IN it.  File your papers away.  Clear out your credenza and make space for important family documents.  Spend some time and get organized – you’ll feel so much better AND you’ll save time when you can quickly and easily put your fingers on what you need – because it’s where it SHOULD be.

December 18 – Your Sleigh (I mean car) Awaits

You’ll need a place to put all your purchased gifts and holiday treasures when moving them from the mall to your home.  Now is the perfect time to clear out the trunk and equip your vehicle for the winter.  Remove anything from the summertime – inflatable beach ball included and add in the snowbrush, a warm blanket, a flashlight.  Make like a girl-guide and always be prepared.

December 19 – Don’t Spare the Spare Room

The holidays are coming and with it, SNOW.  You may just end up hosting a surprise overnight guest because the weather outside is frightening.  Or, you may want to host a relative or friend overnight. Don’t leave this room to the last second to prepare.  Make it warm, inviting and clutter free.  Extra pillows and blankets go HERE, your semi-moved out teenager’s hockey bag doesn’t.

December 20 – Seasonal Clothes Purge

Swimsuits that won’t be used again, along with sunhats, plastic visors, and all the accessories that go with those Halloween costumes of yesteryear – it’s time to bid them farewell – all the way to the trash. Winter sweaters you forgot you had and will never wear – donate those. Save yourself the storage hassle and free up that space too.

I sincerely hope I’ve given you some helpful ideas about how to set yourself up for a clutter-free festive season this year.

If you’d like some help creating and sticking to your Holiday Decluttering Plan, I’d love to chat.  Contact me for your free ‘Create Your Sanctuary’ Consultation today.