Decorating has evolved over the last few years and is no longer just about making a space aesthetically pleasing and nice to look at, but is now being used to promote holistic healing. Holistic healing involves improving someone’s health and wellbeing by looking at the person as a whole, and by treating all aspects of their lives. At Home Healing Hues this is exactly what Ann strives to accomplish. She helps you decorate your home so you can improve and connect with your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Holistic Decorating involves looking beyond a space’s purposes, forms and functions, and instead takes into account how you want to feel in a space. For example, one of the places we all want to feel relaxed and comfortable is within our homes. We spend so much time in our homes, especially right now during this pandemic, and as such it is vital that our homes promote a healthy lifestyle for our wellbeing. Holistic Decorating helps people heal and find balance in their lives, and creates a balanced healing energy both within their homes, and for themselves and their family. In fact, our energy and emotions are strongly affected by things like clutter and colour in a room. At Home Healing Hues, Ann uses holistic decorating to manipulate things like colour therapy, space clearing and reiki in order to improve the energy of a space, so that the energy within people’s homes positively impacts their health and wellbeing.

Home is probably the most important place in our lives. It is where we go to seek comfort, to relax, and a space where we go to feel safe. However, sometimes without even noticing it, our homes and spaces create stress, anxiety, and drain our energy. As such, we need ways to make our homes feel safe and comfortable. Luckily, as a holistic decorator, Ann can help us decorate our homes in ways that promote feelings of, calm, joy and positive energy. By interacting with you via one-on-one appointments, Ann can help you determine what you need in order to make your home a place of health, and wellbeing. She will create your healing space by using environmentally friendly design ideas such as essential oils, healing plants, natural cleaning products, crystals etc. in order to give your home a positive energy. Another remedy that can help improve your home’s energy is the use of natural elements and sustainable materials. Natural elements allow us to connect to nature and the environment, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. By using these remedies, you can reduce your stress levels, and improve your mood, thus making your home a sanctuary for yourself and your family.

On the surface, holistic decorating may seem like ordinary decorating, however it is much deeper than that. You may not be able to see the physical difference between regular decorating and holistic decorating, but you will be able to feel an energy difference that promotes wellbeing. During these unprecedented times, we are all striving to achieve balance and to find healing, and Ann- The Wellness Decorator, who specializes in Holistic Decorating is someone who can help you create your healing space and achieve balance.

To contact Ann, go to or call her at 905-441-9472.  She is now doing Virtual Design Consultations.