Before you start reading I want to give all my readers a heads up that I am not a professional writer by any means and I’ll probably have my punctuations in the wrong spots and have grammar errors but you will get the gist of what I am saying. So let’s get started ☺

You might think that we have a lot of services listed for a business that is supposed to be about healing but I’ve made sure that I have every service available for you starting from the outside/in so we can cover everything to make your space as comfortable as possible. I know this service isn’t for everyone, but for the ones it is for while going through recovery and health issues we are here for you.

Let’s start with the OUTSIDE:

When you get home from a long day at the doctors or hospital and you pull in your driveway wouldn’t you like to drive up to your home and see planters filled with gorgeous coloured flowers to lift your spirits? Just close your eyes and imagine pulling into your driveway, sitting in the car and looking around at the flowers that you have chosen to make you feel good. Now you get out of the car and walk up to your porch where there is your old bench that was painted, colourful pillows and a front door that you thought would cost $1000’s to replace but was painted instead for a fraction of the cost and you can paint it any colour you feel that says to you, ‘Welcome Home’.

Now for the INSIDE:

You walk into your entrance, take off your shoes, place your keys and purse on the table then walk into your Living Room and sit on the couch that you are not able to replace at this time but the furniture has been rearranged, the walls are freshly painted with the soothing colour of your choice and the cushions, rug, art and accessories have been replaced with an accent colour to make this space your ‘Sanctuary’.
This is what we can do to help “transform your space for health”. This is a description of our ‘Brush Up’ package.