Step 3 in creating a bedroom that promotes sleep and healing: Decorate.


You have finally made it to the last step in Ann’s, The Wellness Decorator, Three Step Process: From Bedroom to Sanctuary. After spending time decluttering, and then finding a colour that resonates with you for your new bedroom, you are finally ready for Step 3: Decorate. Decorating is probably one of the most exciting steps because this is the time when you get to express yourself and create a space that helps you promote your wellbeing and healthy sleep habits. Below we will outline Ann’s tips and tricks for decorating your bedroom in a way that promotes health and healing, so that you can create the ultimate sanctuary for yourself within your home. For more information on Steps 1 and 2 of Ann’s Three Step Process: From Bedroom to Sanctuary please visit our webpage and check out our other blogs!

Once you are ready to decorate there are three things Ann recommends you keep in mind: ‘Keep it Clean’, ‘Keep it Calm’ and ‘Accessorize’. These three tips are vital when creating a healthy and healing space, and we will outline them in further detail moving forward. First let’s talk about ‘Keeping it Clean’. When decorating your bedroom and turning it into a sanctuary, you want to create a space that is clean and welcoming so that the space will promote wellbeing. One thing that Ann recommends is before adding to your space and decorating it, you should clean the room and surfaces using natural cleaning products. Using natural cleaning products eliminates harsh chemicals from entering your soon to be sanctuary and is also eco-friendly. Also a simple way to keep your bedroom clean is to ensure that every day you take a little time to make your bed, put dirty clothes in the hamper, and put away clean clothes. These small and simple habits will leave your bedroom feeling clean, making it a space where you can go to rejuvenate and relax.

Another thing that helps keep your sanctuary clean is to limit dust mites in your bedroom. Dust mites are one of the most common sleep disruptors, and as such they should be eliminated from your bedroom. Ann recommends getting rid of old carpets, rugs and upholstery that may be holding dust mites. Furthermore, any old curtains or blinds that are dusty should be removed from your space and replaced or thoroughly cleaned before being put back in your room. Finally, Ann also recommends you look into getting an organic mattress and sheets for your space because these natural items help promote healthy sleep hygiene.

After cleaning and eliminating dust mites, the final thing Ann asks you to remember when ‘Keeping it Clean’ is to purify your space. In other words, Ann wants you to eliminate any negative energy in your bedroom and invite positive energy into your sanctuary. Your bedroom is your place of healing and relaxation, and as such it is important that your room has positive energy that promotes wellbeing. Ann has a few tips for purifying your space which include: sage spray (burning sage), aromatherapy (lavender or vanilla), and installing an air purification system. Obviously you do not have to do all three of these things in order to purify your space, however Ann recommends you do at least one of these things so that you can eliminate negative energy and invite positive energy into your bedroom.

Now that you have ‘Kept it Clean’ you are ready to start decorating. Whilst decorating Ann suggests that you think about ‘Keeping it Calm’, and avoid decorating your bedroom with items that do not promote healthy sleep hygiene. For example, try to limit the amount of electronics in your bedroom. Of course things like alarm clocks are useful to have in your bedroom so that you can wake up on time in the morning, however instead of buying one with a bright digital light display try purchasing one that is not digital or use your phone’s alarm. Digital light that shines brightly while you are trying to sleep can disrupt your sleep cycle, and as such should be avoided unless it is necessary. Similarly avoid using laptops or tablets in your bedroom right before bed as they disrupt your sleep and lead to poor sleep hygiene.

While limiting the amount of electronics in your bedroom, you should also take into account the lighting of your space. You do not want harsh bright lighting in your bedroom as it makes it more difficult to sleep and decreases your sleep hygiene. Instead, Ann recommends you use dimmers, soft lamps, or sparkling crystals to light up your room as they are less harsh, and help promote healthy sleep habits. Additionally, if you have large windows in your bedroom Ann recommends buying blackout curtains or blinds to limit the amount of harsh light entering your room. Blackout curtains and blinds help block artificial light from outside which in turn helps you sleep better at night.

Finally when ‘Keeping it Calm’ you should also limit noise pollution in your room. To reduce noise pollution consider investing in a white noise machine as they help promote healthy sleep habits and make it easier to fall asleep. Also as an extra bonus Ann recommends Hunter Douglas Duette blinds for your room as they help block artificial light and also reduce noise pollution from outside. If you are interested in these Hunter Douglas blinds for your room please contact Ann for a consultation – her contact info is at the bottom of this blog.

Now that you have ‘Kept it Clean’ and ‘Kept it Calm’ you can finally ‘Accessorize’ your new sanctuary! When you start accessorizing you should begin by placing the things you love back in your space – but only the things you absolutely love! Pick a few of your favourite items that you kept after decluttering and find a space for them in your bedroom. It is important not to reclutter your bedroom so be sure to keep it organized: find a space and purpose for every item you bring back into your bedroom. Finally, make any old furniture new again by painting it or re-upholstering it! Choose fabrics and paint colours that fit with your vision of your sanctuary and that complement the colour you chose for your bedroom.

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of Ann’s Three Step Process: From Bedroom to Sanctuary. After reading this blog series you now know how to Declutter, Colour, and Decorate your bedroom and transform it into a sanctuary. If you are someone who is ready to undertake this process but don’t know where to start, or simply want some help along the way please reach out to Ann! She is available for virtual consultations and appointments, and you can contact her through her website, via email, or by phone at 905-441-9472.