Downsizing: Decluttering and Creative Storage

Part 2 of a 3 Part Blog Series

Congratulations on deciding to downsize your home! I am so excited that you have chosen to embark on this journey, and I, Ann the Wellness Decorator, am here to help you along the way! Now that you have decided to downsize your home you may be wondering where to start? Well, that’s why you have me! In this blog post I will outline the first two steps of my four step downsizing process: decluttering and creative storage. I will give you different tips and tricks to make the downsizing process smooth, relaxing, and enjoyable! Don’t get me wrong, you are in for a lot of hard work, but I PROMISE that all of the hard work you are about to put in will be worth it when you see your new and improved downsized home.

So let’s get started! The first step in my downsizing process is decluttering, and this simply entails getting rid of things that are unneeded, unused and unloved. It is all about deciding what you need to keep in your life and what you can get rid of. As an example let’s say that you have an old chair in your bedroom that you never use other than to put dirty clothes on. When decluttering you should ask yourself if you really need that chair. Do you need it in your new home to put dirty clothes on, or can you get rid of it and use a hamper for your clothes instead? Or maybe that chair can be used in a different space for people to actually sit on? These questions are important to ask yourself because they will help you decide if you really need to keep an item, and they will make the decluttering process run smoothly.

Something else that I tend to hear from my cleints is that they are overwhlemd with the though of having to declutter. But there is no need to be fearful of this process! If you are someone who is completely overwhelmed by the idea of decluttering then I have some helpful tips for you. First, you do not have to declutter your entire home in one day. If you are feeling overwhelmed I recommend that you declutter one room a day, or even just one space for 15 minutes a day until you are done. This way you break up the decluttering process and make it a lot less overwhelming, and more enjoyable.

Another useful tip is to prepare! Enlist the help of your friends and family to help you declutter, or even hire a professional service to help. Also be sure to get lots of garbage bags and boxes beforehand so that you can easily sort your items into a keep or dump pile. If you are still feeling overwhelmed, then maybe consider renting a dump bin to make it easier to get rid of your unwanted items.

Finally, when it comes to the decluttering process I recommend that my clients think about it as a four step process: dump, donate, sell, and keep. These four categories help us decide what to do with an item. For example, if the item is old and unusable then dump it. If the item is in good condition and you think someone else may want it then you should consider either donating it, or selling it for some extra cash. Finally if the item is one that you constantly use and need in your life then keep it! These four categories help break down the decluttering process to make it easier and less overwhelming. For more information about decluttering please feel free to check out my other blog post where I outline the benefits of decluttering and dive deeper into the decluttering process (

The second step in my downsizing process is creative storage! Once you have finished decluttering and have decided which items you will be moving into your new home it is time to think about creative storage! One of the most important parts of downsizing is being organized and finding space in your home for your items. I am here to help you make sure that you do not clutter your home, but rather that we find creative solutions for storing your items.

My first tip for creative storage in your new home is labelling. Be sure to label your boxes correctly before moving, and make sure that your items are organized so that the unpacking process will be smooth and relaxing. The next tip I have is to find a place for each item in your home to prevent your home from feeling cluttered. I would also recommend that you think about various creative storage solutions for you home such as: decorative storage bins for under your bed, hanging shelves for various items, or over the door storage solutions for things like your handbags and shoes! Other things to consider are storage ottomans that double as a foot rest in your living room, and baskets for your books that slide under your coffee table.

The other thing that is important to think about when downsizing is furniture. Some of your furniture may not fit or be the right size for your new home, but that does not mean you have to get rid of it! Instead, we can get creative and turn an old dresser into a linen closet or shoe cupboard! The point is that we can get creative and find storage solutions, and I am here to help you with that process. Finally while talking about furniture, you may need to invest in some new space saving pieces for your downsized home. For example maybe you should look into a murphy bed, or a coffee table that turns into a desk or eating space.

Overall I want you to remember that I am here to help you downsize. With my expertise as the Wellness Decorator I can easily assist you with decluttering and finding storage solutions for your new home. There is no need to fear this process, but instead I want you to feel excited and happy to embark on this journey, and with my help I can ensure that this process will run smoothly and will be enjoyable. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this Downsizing Blog Series, where I will outline the final two steps of my four step process: staying safe and wellness decorating.

If you are thinking about downsizing or are already in the process of downsizing and need some assistance please reach out to me for a consultation! You can reach me via, email, or by phone 905-441-9472.