YELLOW (Primary Colour)

Yellow is an uplifting bright, cheerful colour that encourages an enthusiasm for life and strengthens the mental faculties for analytical thinking.

It helps one to overcome challenges with confidence, increasing self-discipline and self-reliance.

Yellow helps to strengthen and sooth the nerves, energize the muscles, and can also aid in treating digestive organs.

This is a great colour for treating seasonal depression, psychic burnout and nervous conditions.

Let me tell you what I think about the colour yellow and how it resonates with me?

When I think of yellow I think of sunshine, warmth, ripe bananas, lemons, school buses, taxis, sunflowers, tulips, marigolds. Yellow is a colour that stands out and makes things memorable.

So, how does Yellow affect me?

Yellow is one of my favorite colours. It is on the warm side of the colour wheel. When it is a sunny day outside whether warm or cool it gives me a sense of happiness. When doing flower arrangements for the outside or inside it is nice to have yellow flowers in it such as: carnations, sunflowers and tulips etc. because the colour is bright, stands out and is welcoming. I love decorating with yellow whether as a room colour or an accent colour. In my blue blog I said that I like yellow as an accent colour with navy blue but I find that yellow is a great colour to use to accent any cool colour because it adds warmth to the room. If you don’t like cool colours it also goes well with the warm colours of red and orange. In my house I had a yellow living room and plum purple coloured couch so I have the warm colour on the wall and the cool colour as my accent colour. As for wearing the colour yellow I remember having a yellow sweater that I had years ago but it is definitely a colour that is out of my comfort zone when it comes to clothes.

Send me your story about “Yellow” and tell us if it does or doesn’t resonate with you. You can even have your kids write a blurb.